Modern Korean Barbeque

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Embarking on a culinary odyssey that spans more than two decades, Chef Akira Back has masterfully woven the essence of his Korean heritage into the classic tapestry of the American steakhouse, creating a symphony of bold flavors and unique tastes. Renowned for his daring interpretations, Chef Back has graced esteemed platforms such as Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” where he engaged in a captivating culinary duel with Iron Chef Bobby Flay. His culinary artistry has also left its indelible mark on NBC’s “The Today Show” and Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” solidifying his status as a culinary luminary.


“I love Jakarta.”  It is an amazing city that is a melting pot of culture just like my food. It’s always been a place near and dear to me that I personally relate good with.”

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Korea and nurtured amid the scenic beauty of Aspen, Colorado, Chef Akira Back infuses his culinary endeavours with a spirit of exploration and innovation. Originally a professional snowboarder, Back transitioned seamlessly into the culinary world, making his mark as the youngest executive chef for Nobu Matsuhisa. 

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ABSteak by Chef Akira Back specializes in dry-aged premium meats, some of which are dry-aged up to 45 days. An aging process that transforms the finest cuts of meat to enhanced  flavorful and aroma. Combined with a variety of in-house salts and condiments, every bite will give you a different experience.

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